impossible translations #4
passive resistance
passive resistance
on the deconstruction of a cluster
How to unbalance the pressures that correspond to each other on either side of the membrane?
Diptych. 1) 193 national anthems occupying a space
on the deconstruction of a whole
Portraits. Arnold Schönberg
Impossible music #1
NO studies #3. "73 attempts to play NO, its resonance, its NO, a glass"
in praise of the absent
through the wall
Diptych. 2) 193 national anthems ranged according to transnational criteria
Alberto Bernal by Jaime Reis
Relectures #1 - F. Schubert Phantasie in F moll
impossible music #3
impossible music #5
on the deconstruction of a military roll
NO studies #1

Impossible translations #3b



La belleza sonora de las ideas Text
Sul Ponticello #28

Meeting with Alberto Bernal online meeting
11/10/2016. Conservatorio Superior de Música Astor Piazzola (Buenos Aires)

dispersión / concentración 30 moving players in an open space
2/10/2016. Madrid Art-Son-Mod. Calle Fuencarral
Premiere. With Neopercusión and Ensemble ONOff

Impossible translations #3b  percussion + video
1/10/2016. Zamora (Spain).
4/10/2016. Teatro Galileo. Madrid.
7/10/2016. Basel.
Miguel Ángel García, perc.

Elogio de lo ausente toy piano + vibration speaker
26/7/2016. 21:00. Simposio “Utopía y Edad de Oro” (Cuenca)
Adriana Gómez Cervera, toy piano

NO studies #3. 193 attempts to play NO. Its resonance. Its NO. A glass  piano, glass and video
24/7/2016. C.I.N.E. Sineu (Spain)
Tomeu Moll, piano

300kg of music 2 percussion players, car and performer
16/7/2016. SIRGA Festival. Museo Lo Pati (Amposta)
ReConvert Project + Alberto Bernal

Portraits  piano + video
14/7/2016. Inclàssic Festival, Inca (Spain)
Tomeu Moll, piano

NO studies #1 ensemble de saxofones + vídeo
30/5/2016. 20:30. Teatro Galileo (Madrid)
Pedro Pablo Cámara (dir.)

Elogio de lo ausente toy piano + altavoz de vibración
14/5/2016. 21:00. EMA Festival (Madrid)
Haize Lizarazu, piano